Samcycle is a Blix Showroom

Blix E-bikes have been one our big sellers. They are reasonably priced and well-built. Customers really love the Vika+ folding e-bike. Blix sells four e-bikes, all priced less than $2k. The models are below:

Blix recently changed its sales model so that that all sales are now online. Juiced E-bikes and Rad Power E-bikes have been doing this for awhile. Whether it is (wise or not) to buy an e-bike online is your call. Samcycle is of the opinion that it is better to have a local bike shop assemble and maintain your e-bike.

Blix now has showrooms where buyers can test ride the four Bilx models and Samcycle was chosen to be a Blix showroom. Samcycle is the only Blix showroom in the Chicago area. We have all four Bilx e-bikes on display for test rides. If you want to buy a Blix bike, you come in and test ride it. You should never buy an e-bike without a test ride in our humble opinion.

Then we (or you) order it online using a discount code that we give you. The e-bike is shipped to us for assembly and off you go.

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