Samcycle Electric Bikes


Welcome to Samcycle Electric Bikes

The guy with the portable e-bike with a German Shepherd isn’t either of us (Matt or Tom) but we wish we looked like him! We do sell the Blix Vika travel bike he is sporting,.

We first rented electric bikes on vacation (as many future store owner have), and we really enjoyed the bikes. One thing led to another and we found a small space in Palatine, our home town, near the bike path and decided to open Samcycle Electric Bikes to rent and sell e-bikes.

Our goal is to give customers an easy, non-stressful renting and buying experience so they can enjoy e-biking as much as we do. We are not hardcore lycra-d up road bike riders (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but are casual weekday and weekend riders. The cool thing about electric bikes is that they bring the joy of riding back to many folks who gave it up and want to feel the fun of riding again.

If you are already thinking you want an e-bike, set up a an appointment and you can test ride a few at the time you pick.

If you just want to try an e-bike you can book a rental here on the site and try it out for a couple hours. One day rental is applied as a credit against a bike purchase.

Thanks for visiting and email us with any questions!

Matt & Tom Sammons