Free pick-up for Spring bike repair- Like Amazon (only better)

There’s nothing worse that trying to cram your bike in the back seat of your car. It usually screws up the bike, your car and your mental well-being.

Spring bike season is around the corner. Given that this is the pre-season of bike repair and tune-ups, we want to help you get your bikes in good working order BEFORE you want to use your bike. So we will pick up your bike, give you an estimate over the phone and then drop it back off after it’s all repaired. No tossing the bike in and getting grease all over the back seat. We can repair electric bikes and all regular bikes, so we have you covered.

Just call our bike repair hotline at 847 456 1699 or use this link. We look forward to getting your cycle up and running with as little hassle as possible.

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