Samcycle Store to Deer Grove East Trail- 8.0 miles

This is a quick and easy route from our store to Deer Grove East via the Palatine Trail.

There are a couple moderate hills. The Deer Grove East loop is about 3 miles around and is beautiful in Fall and Summer. This is restored Prairie in many areas.

There are picnic tables and shelters if you want to hang awhile and have lunch.

Head North on Smith Street, go West or left on the bike path. Follow it to Dundee and turn left to the intersection of Quentin and Dundee. There is a very good breakfast lunch place here called Jelly Cafe.

Cross into Deer Grove and follow the road to the first right and up to Quentin. Cross over Quentin, riding past Camp Reinberg and then you will see the Deer Grove East Loop. Each one is 3 miles, so happy riding!

Samcycle Store to Paul Douglas Trail-20 miles

This is my (Tom’s) favorite route. It is almost guaranteed that you will see a deer or two if riding in the morning. It is not crowded at all–a few runners, and no walkers—and you will see a few other bikers. The loop starts at Ela and Algonquin.

You get there by following the Palatine Bike Trail to Algonquin near Harper College. The road riding for a few blocks to Roselle and Algonquin is pretty easy riding and the only non-trail section.

There is a great Mexican restaurant called Tacqueria Maya near Roselle and Algonquin if you want to grab a cocktail and tacos after your ride.


Samcycle Store to Busse Woods Trail- 22 Miles


It is surprisingly easy to get to Busse Woods on an e-bike if you follow this route. No, you do not ride down Rt 53, but go East on Illinois to Rohlwing Rd, which then runs along the edge of Arlington Park racetrack and then along the the frontage road right next to 53. From there is an easy ride down the bike lanes on Central to Wilke and you’re there!

You start the Busse Woods  trail at Wilke and Golf Rds. It is about 11 miles around and this route is 22 miles in total. It’s  a really nice, flat ride, but can be crowded with dog walkers and other around mid-day on weekends, So you won’t be torquing around at 20 mph at those times.

Great place to stop for breakfast is our neighbor (2 doors down in Eurofresh plaza) Brianna’s for a breakfast or lunch



Samcycle Store to Flesk Brewing 7.2 miles each way (14.4 total)


This ride starts the same way as the Deer Grove East Loop. Once you are in Deer Grove (west of Quentin), follow the road inside Deer Grove as far north as you can. There is a trail that cuts across west to Hillside Av. Once you are on Hillside just keep going west and follow the map to Flesk Brewing in the Ice House Mall in Barrington. This is an awesome taproom. They don’t serve food so pick something up from Eurofresh Deli before you go or order from one of the nearby restaurants. You will love their beer!