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Budget E-bike does not mean “bad”

You can buy a Tesla or a Ford Fiesta. There’s a high and low end, a yin and yang, to every product. With electric bikes, the same is true. There’s a beautifully engineered but expensive Riese Muller e-bike on the high end at $5k to $7k and there are many low end internet e-bikes at … Read more

Blix Aveny: Ride like a Dutchman

Here is a new and very positive review of the Blix Aveny. We have both the step-through and traditional frame Avenys in stock.   Review: The Blix Aveny electric bicycle is a Dutch-style bike that looks as good as it rides

Restoring a 44 year old bike

In 1974, I bought a road bike for about $190 from the old ABC Cyclery in Arlington Heights. This was not a small amount at the time and it cleaned me out pretty well of money saved from my job cleaning dog cages at the local vet’s office. It’s a Raleigh Super Course Mark II … Read more

Poet delivers by bike

Blix Sol Cruiser e-bike: Simplicity & beauty

This is a new cruiser style e-bike from Blix. We will have several of these in a week or so. Here’s what Electric Bike Review has to say about it. The cool things about this bike are: Easy step-through frame. Some folks (myself included have a hard time swinging their leg over a standard frame. … Read more

Donate that old Schwinn Varsity

  I see a lot of guys my age (old) riding their Schwinn bikes or other clunkers from 40 years ago. This cannot be enjoyable. We have a new program at Samcycle that will get you off that old and onto a shiny new e-bike that will fill you with happiness. The Recyclery is a … Read more

This couple e-bike camps together

One of the cool things about electric bikes is that couples can ride together easily, whereas with traditional bikes that would not work so well if one was a stronger rider than the other. This couple does e-bike camping and ride long distances together. Check out their story here.

Rounding Lake Geneva on an E-bike

Considering that we live in the flatlands, there is no more challenging local ride than circling Lake Geneva, WI by bike. That makes it the perfect terrain for an electric bike. The ride around the lake is about 21 miles. There are some really steep hills, the most severe of which is a three-level hill … Read more

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